Owners of Technics SU-R1000

Hello Owners of Technics SU-R1000,

I would like to learn what the rest of your systems consist of? I am seriously considering buying this integrated amplifier with phono stage; I have gotten very good prices on the Accuphase E-4000 with phono card and  a Mark Levinson 585.5 with phono card; none of these pieces are availabe for audition where I live in Madison, WI Buying an audio component without an audition is nuts.

I own the Martin Logan Expression 13A with a Pro-ject RPM 10 Carbon turntable and Sumiko Blackbird HO cartridge; we have 1,500 LP A Marantz Reference Integrated PM 11S3 and the phono stage in terms of S/N for both MM and MC is exceedingly good

Soundstage did measurements for the Michi W-5 integrated and in every parameter exceeded the manufacturer's claims in the best possible way but was let down by the phono stage.
I even entertained Musical Fidelity's top integrated and thought I would add their phono stage and it turned out that according to Soundstage measurements it did NOT meet the manufacturer's claims and to tell you that I find that off putting is an understatement.
I did a very deep dive into all integrated amplifiers at around the $10,000 price point that have a built in phono stage and one that did not from all the recommended ones by German Stereoplay magazine and to my amazement all had specs, specifically S/N ratio for MM and MC stages WORSE than what we have now! Several were equal for the MM stage but far worse for the MC stage.
German Stereoplay's list is called Rang und Namen and ranks a piece by sound quality first and then for value meaning sound against the asking price; below the first number is sound the second for sound of the DAC and the last the value
■ Technics SU-R1000 62|—|61 90
■ Rotel MICHI X5      60|—|61 88
■ MusicalFidelityM8Xi 59|—|60 88
■ Luxman L-507Z      62          89 (no DAC)

I also looked at this Esoteric F-05; no improvement

I would like to know what other integrated amplifiers did you audition before choosing the Technics SU-R1000?

Did the dealer give you a 20% discount (because that is what my local dealer is offering me but ONLY if he drop ships it to me meaning a blind buy). It now retails for 10K so my price $8,000 USD

We also own the Marantz SA 14S1 SACD/CD player and I would like to replace it with the Technics SL-G700M2. I am thinking they woud pair well together.

Although we are content with both Marantz pieces we are seeking more oooomph in the presentation.

Someone wrote on Whatsbestform that the Technics SU-R1000 shut down when listening at louder levels on his ML 11 which are smaller than mine. Our Marantz at half the power never shut down.

Thank you in advance for any and all replies


Very surprised that nobody responded to this
I have owned and our 1000 for a while and I am lucky to have a stable of speakers for it to drive

Avalon diamond, YG Haley 1.2, Avalon opus, and the latest Wilson watt puppy 7.

it’s best match by far is the Avalon opus surprisingly. And the YG Hailey gave it a very hard time.

Despite having the LAPC feature it just can’t deal with the load of the sealed box. But bear in mind that the Hailey can cause any single end tube ampto distort very early

What impresses me the most about the R1000 is the versatility and the quality of the phono and the DAC.

I hauled the R1000 home from Japan before they increase the prices big time, so I got it for a killer deal

No, I have yet to be able to make it shut down, even with playing it to bombastic levels

in terms of source, I have a volumio, An HQ player, A Chinese 9038 pro  just for comparison, And vintage technic  SP, 15 turntable With an Audio craft farm And a DL 301R Cartridge  




I was recently in the market for an integrated and ended up with the Aesthetix Mimas.  I think I went through a similar process as you.   Looked at Michi X5/X3 Cambridge Edge A, NAD M33, Mimas and the Technics SU R1000 as well as a few tube integrateds.  During auditions, I decided that I preferred solid state but did eventually decided I appreciated the touch of warmth that tubes can bring, hence the Mimas (tube pre section).  

The Technics was a strong contender.  Had I needed a phono stage, I likely would have gone that route because it is exceptional.  I ended up moving on  because I already have a very good phono stage and didn't want to spend the premium for a feature I really didn't want.  Because Technics is known for their turntables, it seems like they designed this product specifically for analogue reproduction.  

Before settling on the Aesthetix, I compared the M33, X5, and Edge A.  All have pros and cons and I was sort of stuck.  I considered everything from the industrial design, room correction (M33), volume control, to the DAC (or not), to the app, type of amplification, etc.  Listening to all 3 didn't help as there was a sameness to them.  Was pretty sure the NAD was it.  

When I was close to pulling the trigger, I came across the Mimas, had a listen, and pulled the trigger without further consideration. I don't have the DAC  or the Phono stage modules, so I don't know how they sound, but both are highly regarded.  

Another factor that influenced my decision was with the M33, Michi X5, and Edge A, they are essentially at the top of that manufacturers food chain.  With the Mimas, it is entry level in the Aesthetix line so I feel (subjectively) like I am getting the benefit of trickle down tech and engineering in the Mimas.  

Thank you very much for the reply. I decided to keep the integrated we have, sold the Marantz SA 14 S1 SACD/CD player and bought the Denon DCD-A110 110-Year Anniversary Edition SACD Player. It made a huge difference. The presentation was a great deal more lively proving the point about the source comes first.