P3-24 pitch instability

I'm having some pitch problems with my table. I've cleaned and reoiled the bearing, cleaned the sides of the subplatter and the belt.

But, I noticed that the pulley on the motor shaft is slightly off kilter. I'm wondering if it's enough to cause the pitch problems I'm hearing.

I made a video:

Or does anyone have any other suggestions?
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Sorry to say, but now that we know you bought it used, I tend to agree with the others that it was probably sold because of the problem you're having, and that the motor needs to be replaced. Maybe the seller will split it with you. The good news is, a new motor is only around $100.
Well, if it comes down to it, I'm going to demand my money back via PayPal--it hasn't even been two weeks.

Ugh, this is annoying. There's actually another video I can share with you all.

This time, it's the spindle that's wobbling

i recently bought a new rega p5 that had a very noisy motor, a sub platter that was totally wobbling, and the headshell was way off from being level. the table was a mess. i have had rega turntables for almost 20 years, but will never buy another.