P3-24 pitch instability

I'm having some pitch problems with my table. I've cleaned and reoiled the bearing, cleaned the sides of the subplatter and the belt.

But, I noticed that the pulley on the motor shaft is slightly off kilter. I'm wondering if it's enough to cause the pitch problems I'm hearing.

I made a video:

Or does anyone have any other suggestions?
I guess it depends on how severe the pitch variations are -- you may be more sensitive to them than others. That said, I've owned probably a half-dozen Regas and I don't think I've seen a wobble like that in any of them.

Since you have the latest P3, it may still be under warranty, so there's no reason not to send it back to the dealer for a look. If it comes back with a clean bill of health, and you want to keep it, the Groovetracer subplatters have a dramatic effect on pitch stability, and the Rega TT-PSU even more dramatic still. Together, they would probably be a massive upgrade.

You could also get into a Technics 1200, and even add a Rega, Jelco or SME arm, for about the same price as a fully-loaded P3. You'll get rock-solid pitch for sure, but you will give up some of the openness and pace of the Rega.
It's really noticeable. While I think I'm particularly sensitive, I think it's so obvious and that's it's unacceptable.

I'm not the original owner, however. I picked it up off of eBay a week and a half ago. Regas come with a three year warranty, but it is not transferable. So I'm not sure what to do.

I'm hoping since the model is so new, they won't even ask for any papers when I take it to a Rega dealer tomorrow.
What Rega used(?) to recommend for pitch instability was cleaning out the bearing well and then placing 2 DROPS ONLY of 80/90w gear oil into the bearing well.It should then run at the correct speed.Spin the hub to make sure the oil is spread properly.Good luck! If this doesn't work there are other tweaks you can try but do the above first.
Here is the "official" way to do the above.I originally posted this a few years ago...... Rega's official recommendation for lubrication.> Cleaning Hub/Bearing
> 1. Undo hub nut and remove washer. Remove hub/bearing from turntable. As the brass bearing bush is designed to fit tightly in the plinth, gentle tapping on the base of the bearing bush with a plastic hammer may be necessary. (We advise that this is not done in front of the customer!)
> 2. Slowly withdraw the hub from the brass bearing bush, (if the hub is pulled out quickly the ball bearing may inadvertently be sucked out and lost). Remove ball bearing by turning the bearing bush upside down and tapping sharply.
> 3. It is important that both the hub spindle and the inside of the bearing bush are cleaned and degreased thoroughly. This is best done using a solvent cleaner containing 1.1.1. trichloroethane which is available from R.S Components Ltd. A small amount of this can be poured into the bearing bush, and with a finger placed over the hole, shaken thoroughly and poured out. To clean the spindle apply the solvent to a piece of lint-free cloth or kitchen paper. Wipe both spindle and the ball bearing with same and replace.
> 4. Fit the hub back into the bearing bush and spin to check that it is running freely. If its not, return complete assembly to Rega
> 5. If all is well, remove hub from bearing bush then tilt the bearing bush and place two drops of Comma Hypoid EP80, Castrol EPX80w/90 or Shell Spirax EP90, as recommended, in the position as illustrated. Do not use more than two drops.
> 6. With the bush still tilted, slide hub (without twisting) back into bearing bush. This method should ensure a release passage for trapped air.
> 7. Spin hub to evenly distribute oil and refit into turntable. Replace washer and tighten nut firmly, using an adjustable spanner or Rega tool, to approximately 5Nm, (a full explanation of this torque can be found on Explanation of torque)
> It is essential that the recommended oil is used as any other lubricant will break down under pressure, causing wear. It is available from most car accessory shops or from Rega, free of charge.
> Degreasing: RS Components stock a solvent cleaner containing 1.1.1. trichloroethane which is suitable for degreasing the hub/bearing assembly and lift lower assembly. Please note warning on solvent tin....There is also the electrical tape trick....
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Sorry to say, but now that we know you bought it used, I tend to agree with the others that it was probably sold because of the problem you're having, and that the motor needs to be replaced. Maybe the seller will split it with you. The good news is, a new motor is only around $100.
Well, if it comes down to it, I'm going to demand my money back via PayPal--it hasn't even been two weeks.

Ugh, this is annoying. There's actually another video I can share with you all.

This time, it's the spindle that's wobbling

i recently bought a new rega p5 that had a very noisy motor, a sub platter that was totally wobbling, and the headshell was way off from being level. the table was a mess. i have had rega turntables for almost 20 years, but will never buy another.
I took it to an authorized Rega dealer today and the guy said that everything was normal! I even had him put a record on, pointed out the pitch problems I heard right there, but he seemed to think it was within normal limits!

Ugh. I don't know if I really am that sensitive or if I just have a bad table.
Unfortunately, that wobble is common with the newer rega tables! Last year I bought a P5 and noticed the wobble. I took my table back to the shop where they contacted Rega, and Rega sent my shop a new motor and pulley. Same wobble with the new motor! I then looked at all of the Rega tables on display in the shop, and all of the tables had that slight wobble like your table. I do have the TTPSU, but that does not affect the wobble. I can not hear any effects from the wobble. My table sounded fine with both motors. However, I did have the same concerns when I saw the wobble. I wish our tables didn't have the wobble, but my table sounds great to me!
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The first video clearly shows that either the motor shaft is slightly bent or the more common problem being the hole in the pulley has cylindricity error. I would bet that is the case. The only way to fix it would be to get a new pulley from Rega.
The second video shows that the spindle has been pressed on at a slight angle, although it does look bad, it won't have much affect on playback. THe subplatter assembler didn't use much care when putting the spindle on. The pulley issue is defintely something Rega should acknowledge and fix.
I haven't had the best experience, Elizabeth, but I don't think it should write Rega off. I still get the impression that they're a good company and these sorts of defects are bound to happen. I'm just unlucky.
I checked my recently purchased P-5 last night. No wobble at all from either the spindle or the motor, or at least I can't see it by eye.
12-28-09: Maurager
i recently bought a new rega p5 that had a very noisy motor, a sub platter that was totally wobbling, and the headshell was way off from being level. the table was a mess. i have had rega turntables for almost 20 years, but will never buy another.
Never had any of the problems mentioned above for the P5. There is hardly any noise from the motor when the ear was about an inch from it. The ONLY minor complaint I have is on the quality of the plastic subplatter but that doesn't hinder the musical enjoyment I get out of the P5.

Lorkp, do update this thread once the verdict of Paypal dispute is out.
Since my posts, I contacted the distributer of Rega in the US, the Sound Organization. I showed him the videos I showed you all and he concluded that the motor needs to be replaced at the least. But since there are a host of other issues like the spindle wobble, and actually a slight platter wobble I've just noticed, he wants me to send it to him down in Dallas so he can check out everything.

I don't have the original box, though. So this could be tricky shipping. Does anyone have a Rega box they're willing to send me? I'd pay for the shipping of the box!
It's pretty easy to pack them up. I've shipped a half dozen over the years without a single problem.

The best instructions I've ever seen are from Rich at Signature Sound:


You'll just have to substitute lots of bubble wrap for the factory styrofoam, and I would double box it as well.

I'm not surprised the guys at The Sound Org were so responsive, even though you bought the table secondhand. They're deeply concerned about product quality and customer satisfaction, and will probably be able to determine whether what you're experiencing is a quality control issue on the manufacturing end, or a shipping damage issue, or perhaps the result of the previous owner's abuse.

Keep us posted...