P3-24 pitch instability

I'm having some pitch problems with my table. I've cleaned and reoiled the bearing, cleaned the sides of the subplatter and the belt.

But, I noticed that the pulley on the motor shaft is slightly off kilter. I'm wondering if it's enough to cause the pitch problems I'm hearing.

I made a video:

Or does anyone have any other suggestions?
i recently bought a new rega p5 that had a very noisy motor, a sub platter that was totally wobbling, and the headshell was way off from being level. the table was a mess. i have had rega turntables for almost 20 years, but will never buy another.
I took it to an authorized Rega dealer today and the guy said that everything was normal! I even had him put a record on, pointed out the pitch problems I heard right there, but he seemed to think it was within normal limits!

Ugh. I don't know if I really am that sensitive or if I just have a bad table.
Unfortunately, that wobble is common with the newer rega tables! Last year I bought a P5 and noticed the wobble. I took my table back to the shop where they contacted Rega, and Rega sent my shop a new motor and pulley. Same wobble with the new motor! I then looked at all of the Rega tables on display in the shop, and all of the tables had that slight wobble like your table. I do have the TTPSU, but that does not affect the wobble. I can not hear any effects from the wobble. My table sounded fine with both motors. However, I did have the same concerns when I saw the wobble. I wish our tables didn't have the wobble, but my table sounds great to me!
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