P3-24 pitch instability

I'm having some pitch problems with my table. I've cleaned and reoiled the bearing, cleaned the sides of the subplatter and the belt.

But, I noticed that the pulley on the motor shaft is slightly off kilter. I'm wondering if it's enough to cause the pitch problems I'm hearing.

I made a video:

Or does anyone have any other suggestions?
12-28-09: Maurager
i recently bought a new rega p5 that had a very noisy motor, a sub platter that was totally wobbling, and the headshell was way off from being level. the table was a mess. i have had rega turntables for almost 20 years, but will never buy another.
Never had any of the problems mentioned above for the P5. There is hardly any noise from the motor when the ear was about an inch from it. The ONLY minor complaint I have is on the quality of the plastic subplatter but that doesn't hinder the musical enjoyment I get out of the P5.

Lorkp, do update this thread once the verdict of Paypal dispute is out.
Since my posts, I contacted the distributer of Rega in the US, the Sound Organization. I showed him the videos I showed you all and he concluded that the motor needs to be replaced at the least. But since there are a host of other issues like the spindle wobble, and actually a slight platter wobble I've just noticed, he wants me to send it to him down in Dallas so he can check out everything.

I don't have the original box, though. So this could be tricky shipping. Does anyone have a Rega box they're willing to send me? I'd pay for the shipping of the box!
It's pretty easy to pack them up. I've shipped a half dozen over the years without a single problem.

The best instructions I've ever seen are from Rich at Signature Sound:


You'll just have to substitute lots of bubble wrap for the factory styrofoam, and I would double box it as well.

I'm not surprised the guys at The Sound Org were so responsive, even though you bought the table secondhand. They're deeply concerned about product quality and customer satisfaction, and will probably be able to determine whether what you're experiencing is a quality control issue on the manufacturing end, or a shipping damage issue, or perhaps the result of the previous owner's abuse.

Keep us posted...