Package sent to wrong address

I recently was selling 2 of the same Krell equalizers. The first one sold about 3 weeks ago and the second one was sold about a week later. Fast forward to Thursday night. I received a call from the buyer of the second purchaser saying that he never received the shipment yet and asked if I had the tracking number. I was very surprised and found the receipt and asked him if he was from Washington as the receipt said. He said no he was in NJ were I live. That shipment should have been there in 2 days. I was now extremely confused. I now looked up the shipping on his purchase and sure enough it said his name but his address was showing Washington. I then looked up the information from the first buyer and the address was the same as the second buyer. I texted a pic of both purchases from him and the first buyer and told him AG had the wrong address down for your shipping address. I explained to him that his address was the same address as the first purchaser. He also went to look it up on AG and sure enough they had the wrong shipping address for him as the same as the first purchaser. Now he then checked his account page and it had his NJ address but his shipping address was showing Washington. Same as the first buyer. I then immediately called up the first buyer and explained the situation and he denied ever getting the second shipment. Now the tracking was showing that it was delivered to him on 2/6 and left at his front door. And no I didn’t get a signature required but if there was one time I should’ve was then. He was a Chinese guy and did sound very nervous and it did sound like he was lying to me. We both wrote emails to AG and they are looking into this very odd situation. I truly believe that it was not my or the second purchasers fault in this transaction / shipping. Also both purchase invoices are not the same numbers. They were 2 different listings, 2 different listings purchasers / I also paid 2 different selling fees when they sold. Now the first purchaser has a second unit for free. I am very upset over this as my record / buyer and seller are perfect. I also feel very bad for the second person and hate that the first purchaser is lying about not getting it. If he was honest we would ship it back to me as I would of paid shipping. Once again AG is saying it’s very ODD and looking into the this. Will keep posted.

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@thecarpathian   +1. Unbelievable.  

@chocaholic  +1. I as a buyer make sure also the seller has the right shipping address. 

Long thread.  Maybe I missed these.

‘Did the OP obtain the second buyers address from AG, or PayPal?

How did the OP verify that PayPal has the first buyers Washington address also listed on the second buyers PP account?

I wouldn’t send a refund to the second buyer.  I’d look to AG and PayPal as corporations providing selling and payment services to hold up to their contractual obligations in this deal.  They should know how and have resources to pursue any legal remedy.  The OP and the second buyer working together will exert more pressure on them to resolve the issue.

‘If I bought something on eBay, and the seller followed the rules and sent it to the wrong but listed address, I wouldn’t look for the seller to resolve the issue.  How could I expect them to know that the address they sent it to was wrong?  Sellers on eBay never contact me to see if the address they see listed is correct.



This topic is interesting because I experienced a related situation.

I recently purchased some cables listed here. When I clicked the 'buy it now' button, it directed me to the paypal site as expected. I submitted my payment and didn't think more about it.

I reviewed the payment receipt shortly after and noticed that it listed not my address by default but some random address elsewhere! I panicked and quickly was able to update the shipping address within minutes of paying for the cables. Everything was fine.

While your situation is unfortunate, assuring everything is correct on your end is your ultimate responsibility. I always triple check PP addresses and other other info before transacting. You might have some recourse if Agon will step in but it seems like this your negligence sadly. Good luck.

BTW, I find your reference to the guy's ethnicity offensive. Everyone is capable of lying. The fact the guy is Chinese is irrelevant. He's just a guy who may/may not be lying. Your claim is just conjecture. Are you lying??? 😮