Finally, Amazon Learns to Package Records.

I must have sent at least 20 damaged records/covers back to Amazon because of silly packaging. It was so bad I stopped buying records from them. Last week I had to order three records from Amazon because they were the only store to have them. They came beautifully packed in the same cardboard record boxes that Elusive Disc uses and double boxed with padding! 


Strange you have had a bad experience.  All of the LPs I have bought from Amazon (and it's lots) have come in a custom LP cardboard package, which has then been put in a box.  My complaint has been the excessive use of packaging.  Now the number of LPs I've returned due to poor pressings in a different story.  Cheers.

I would very much like to support smaller businesses supplying Vinyl  LP's. My experiences with a limited amount of Companies, where return items are to be attempted has been very frustrating as well as unsuccessful. I no longer buy from such services.

I have had to date great experiences using Crowd Fund dealing direct with Performers or directly from the Performers merchandise web page. By great experiences I mean high quality products with no need to consider returning a item. 

When it comes to buying LP's in general, Amazon is my source for the items, as there returns support is very very good. 

After experiences had, with multiple returns.

If one would like a speedier option to acquire an satisfactory pressing. I would suggest a method of buying, where  3-5 LP's are to be purchased, if No1 is totally satisfactory return 2-4 x LP's.

If the No1 is not suitable keep trying the spare Albums. 

I have returned to Amazon 3x with a Single Album purchase to get the best pressing available from a small batch tried out. 


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I am all for supporting smaller companies but their selection is always limited and one thing I can say about Amazon is returns are as easy as it gets. I take the record, unboxed, with a bar code on my phone to a local Kohls, they scan the code, take the record and hand me a receipt. I have no doubt that one day the Amazon delivery driver will take the record. 


It may be a regional thing. I get plenty of bad pressings, but that is from everywhere. 

I've been buying LPs from Amazon for years; never once had a bent or damaged shipment.... 

I buy directly from labels and musicians when I can, but invariably get some LPs from Amazon. Like Mijo says, the ease of returns is hard to turn down. I’ve gotten many warped records and bad pressings from all sources, especially in the last few years—it’s a plague. But I’ve never received a damaged sleeve from Amazon. 

Always impressed by Amazon Packaging of LP's.

I save the boxes in case I get back to selling individual LPs, and someone pays a lot of money for one.

I have bought 180 gm, half-speed masters, 45 rpms. I have received 'not so special' frequently and slight warps as well, I'm only buying 'normal' new and used LP's, and because I inherited so many, I shouldn't buy any, unless, hopping around YouTube I come across someone outstanding.