Paddy McAloon - I Trawl the Megahertz

So ... I'm at work, listening to a streaming audio version of Paddy McAloon's 2003 I Trawl The Megahertz, and those of you who enjoy Chamber/Orchestral Pop (a la Costello's "Juliet Letters", Joe Jackson's later excursions in symphonic pop) may want to take a listen.

Paddy McAloon's the creative force behind PreFab Sprout, and this album - apparently written while he was temporarily blind - is quite stunning.

The highlight's definitely the 22 minute first song ... a ramble of fragmentary thoughts, intoned by a woman, over a glorious background of strings/horns/keyboards... I haven't been listening deeply enough to catch all the lyrics, but they seem wistful/nostalgic/sometimes painful.

So ... if you're cubicle bound (like myself) - I highly recommend a listen ... well-worth a purchase.