Pairing Speakers with Integra 40.3 for HT and Rock

I just ordered a new Integra 40.3. I am upgrading from a Denon AVR-2802. The Denon was paired with B&W 601 monitors in the front, 600s in the back, ASW600 sub, and LCR60 center --all seires 3.

Problem with HT is that the center channel is muddy. I have to crank the Denon up to 0 on a lot of dialogue, but then the sound effects and music are WAY to loud. I need better clarity in my center channel. Also the sub over is very over powering and I barely have the volume a hair past off.

The Integra has Audessy MultiEQ, and hopefully this will help.

I wouldn't mind upgrading my speakers. I listen to music mostly rock, blues, metal, pop, electronica -- but this system is mostly for HT and gaming (PS3,etc). Suggestions?
I think it would take a significant investment to best what you have. I prefer Focal speakers, but your B&Ws should be just fine. Try them with the Integra with an open mind before planning to get rid of them.
I finally gave up on center channel speakers. I tried four or five moderately priced ones, and the dialog was unclear with all of them. I of course tried raising the center channel level, but this only served to increase the resonances in the vocal range, which really aggravate me. I ended up just going with my front L/R tower speakers and I can understand the dialog better with them. Some day, if I am ever in the financial position, I may try a really high end center speaker. I am talking about speakers that run in the $3000 range, and are built like tanks, and with extreme emphasis on vocal clarity and the dynamic range necessary for proper center channel reproduciton.