Panasonic sa-xr45 sa-xr70 is the newer improved

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Does anyone find the sound tobe a little harsh?
It is a great deal in audio, since it has a good bass and that all important liquid sound. It sounds ok from the start - it doesn't have to warm up for half an hour like some amps.

Could others comment on the sound being a little harsh on top?
I have an SA-XR25. These HT receivers have to be run in for a long time to have them respond well. They're harsh fresh from the box. Setting them up with all outputs terminated to a speaker of some type and leaving the radio on low volume for two weeks continuously should sweeten up your panny...
That's a tough thing to do because we all want to take it right out of the box and put it through the paces. But have patience. You will be rewarded.
I have an Panny SA-XR50. Compared to my Jolida 1501 hybrid tube/MOSFET amp, the Panny does have a bit of an edge to it. In all other respects, imaging, response, dynamics etc., the Panny is an awesome amp for the money. The Panny is really my back-up amp now.