Pangea Audio Premier XL Digital Cable - Mini Review

Note: This is the only Pangea product I own. Other cables I use are Audience, Shunyata, and occasionally PS Audio.

The Pangea replaced a Nordost Valhalla digital coax that I sold here on Audiogon. I’d recently downsized and simply needed a shorter run of wire; additionally, I’ve been listening less and less to CDs, so I thought freeing up some cash from the Valhalla’s sale made sense (since it was getting about an hour of use a month).

I bought this cable to replace the Valhalla.

It was purely an economic decision as I had not heard this cable prior to purchase.

Simply put, this may be the strongest dollar-for-dollar value I have experienced in 30 years of audio purchases. Sonically, it does not equal the Valhalla for transparency and air, but all the PRAT is there; the overall "tone" is easy-going and it has a big, big sound. Bass is off the charts.

In general, for digital cables, I believe one can hit a point of diminished return pretty fast. More money does not yield more performance - after a point. The Pangea proves this out in spades. For me that "point" is now set at $129.95. I’m getting 95% of the enjoyment of my Valhalla for less than 99% of its price.