Paradigm Center, sub & rears for Denon AVR1706?

I have a new Denon AVR-1706 and 2 Paradigm Monitor 7 V.3's. I am exploring what are the right speakers to fill out a surround system. I want to use it as a dual-purpose system, for music and movies. Any opinions/ideas on using a Paradigm CC-370 center channel and PS-1000 subwoofer with this receiver? What are the differences between the CC-370 V.2 and V.3? Also I would like recommendations on rears, the wife wants something small in size (unseen) and I am not keen on using in walls. Finally, can I hide the subwoofer in the back of the room under an end table or does it need to be in front near the TV?
I would go with the CC-370 V3 and the ADP-370 V3 surrounds. The reason I say this is Paradigm does a good job of timber matching it's speakers from series to series. I haven't played with the v2's as much. They were discontinued by the time I started working in the electronics store that sold them. I do know the midrange drivers are a little different. But, like I said, to get the easiest blend of sound for surround sound, I would stick with the same series.
I agree to go with the cc-370 and adp-370 but I really like my pw-2200 sub and would be very sad to have anything less. Check the specs and I think you will see that they go lower in frequency. It is not about volume but quality.
Definitely, we had the PW-2200 in our big demo theater at the last store I worked at. It was so loud the furniture store that we shared the wall with could here it when we turned it up. If you have the space for that beast, it's a great sub.