Paradigm owners: older Performance series

Quick question: for a second bedroom system thinking of picking up V2, etc of older atom, titan, legend, or focus. Should I be concerned of foam issues with these? Evidently the grills don't come off, and one has to disassemble the speaker to replace surrounds, which Im not going to hassle with. What series did they start utilizing rubber surrounds? V4? Maybe I would be better off with older Mini monitors. Any advice from owners that have V2 or V3 versions?
If I remember correctly the v3,the 9 or 11 both used rubber surrounds and the grills were removable.

Best of luck to you,

I've owned several pairs of this line, and have refoamed 3 pairs of the Titans, Atoms and a V1 pair of Phantoms.

The best part of these speakers is the tweeter.  The bass is so bloated and non-accurate that I could not used any of them today as the boxes have waaaay too much resonance.  The Atom has little bass below 80 Hz.

If you are looking at a 3 version or newer, in my area they seem to go for $70 and up.  That's really close to the sale price of the Pioneer SP-BS22, which with only a 4 inch driver is easily superior to the old Performance line.  Get yourself a brand new pair of speakers and you won't have to worry about foams or previous abuse.