Parasound Halo JC-1 Monoblock Break-in Period.

To all happy Parasound Halo JC-1 owners out there:
I was just wondering if the Parasound Halo JC-1's sound improves the most dramatically during the first 30 days of 24/7 signal, or during the second 30 day period of 24/7 signal?
What all sonic changes occur during the first 30 days?
What all sonic changes occur during the next 30 day period up to the 60 day mark?
How is the best way to determine that they are FULLY broken in?
Thanks for your insight.
30-days is about what it took for mine, however, I didn't notice the dramatic changes that some talk about....Just leave them powered-on for 30-days to get the DC break-in. The polypropylene RELcaps in there are probably what is breaking in.
Answers to your first question: both.
Rather than repeating all of the information posted here and on Audio Asylum, I suggest that you search the archives.
my experience was that after first 30 days they stopped sounding bright but still pretty rolled off in the highs,after 60 days they open up nicely up on top while still sounding relaxed.
Audioengr, there are no polypropylene RELcaps in the JC-1, but there is 108v and 95vdc so be careful poking around it there! Rost, you nailed the break-in as you think it is done at thirty days and is a little boring and then they open up as you mentioned.....Oh, audioengr, the caps are polystyrene with tin plates and that isn't why they take so long to break in BTW......Oh, I selected the parts for the unit....
Bob Crump
CTC Builders
I would guess that the reason some people sell their JC-1's is that they don't give them their full 24/7 60 day break-in with a musical signal going through them, so they never get to hear them at their fullest potential.
Steve, can only speculate, but think it is those monstous Nichicon Gold Tune caps.....Signal is normally in pretty good shape in thirty days, but DC always takes a while longer, 45-50 days in most anything and had the same trouble with the HCA-3500 which uses the big Nichicons as well so postulate that is the culprit causing a significant change at about 60 days.....