Parasound Integrated or Separates?

I'd like some advice from folks who have used Parasound's NewClassic & ZoneMaster equipment.

Have you noted discernable sonic outperformance over the NewClassic 200 Integrated by the NewClassic 200 Pre in concert with any of the following amplifiers: NewClassic 275v.2 (4ohm load), NewClassic 2125v.2, or ZoneMaster 2350?

I have owned several integrated amplifiers and would like to learn if the 200 Integrated would be a great one at its price point (read: don't bother with separates in the $1,200-$1,500 range), or if I'd be taking a noteworthy step forward by splitting Parasound's offerings into separates. I've always been a little speaker heavy and amp light, so to speak (see below). That said, I've also been happy with my (zero bass management) YBA and Audio Refinement integrated amplifiers (relegated to second system). So maybe the 200 Integrated would be just fine...

I am only considering non-Halo Parasound kit due to space limitations. The unit(s) will ultimately drive one or two of the following speaker pairs in my home: Dynaudio Special 40s, Tyler Linbrook Signature Monitors, Joseph Audio Prism, or SalkSound Veracity ST.

Thanks very much.
I must agree that  given your speakers you are speaker heavy, amp light. :-)

With a $1500 budget and that space is limited I would stick with an integrated amplifier. 

That Audio Refinement Complete is a great integrated at it's price point.