Parasound JC-1s Not Working

I just bought a pair of used JC-1s on Audiogon. The amps sounded fine until I was shuting down my preamp. My preamp is a tube linestage. While I was turning off the linestage, I heard some funny noise from both amps. Feeling uncomfortable about the noise, I turned the linestage back on. Surprisingly, the left channel amp did not work. The power was on but no signal.

I don't think it was the fuse. I swapped the external fuses between the two monoblocks. But it still did not work.

I wonder if this ever happens to you, JC-1s owners. Is there a switch or something inside the amp to reset? I flipped all the swithces on the back panel hoping that I could get the signal back. Still no use.

I am going to call Parasound on Monday. I know I won't have warranty since this is used. But before I call, do you folks have any suggestions? Thanks.