Parasound JC3+ vs. Linn Uphorik phono stages

Has anyone ever had the opportunity to compare these two products? They are in the same price range and have similar features. Although I have yet to find a review on the Linn, I do realize that Linn doesn't get much press. I have a Linn Linto now and want an upgrade for my Rega RP10/Lyra Kleos combination. These are connected thru a ARC LS26 and McIntosh MC402 via Cardas Golden Reference cables. Any experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated. I have a few dealers close to me that have the JC3+ to demo but the only Linn dealer doesn't display the Uphorik, so a in home demo is out of the question. Or as an alternative, any suggestions in the 3000.00 price range would be welcome as well.

Thank You
Find a used Spectral DMC-10. They can usually be had for under $2000, were US made in Silicon Valley back in the late 80's, had they best components available and gold plated circuit boards to boot. They are all discrete components Class A, unlike the JC-3 which is based on IC op-amps (to John Curl's chagrin). If you need more gain (the Spectral will run with MC carts but may be a bit noisy) you can add a SU transformer and still be under $3K.

Sorry, I don't know anything about the Linn...