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If only out of a sheer lack of any info at all on Parasound equipment online, I find myself in dire need of help with my Parasound zpre2 and my newly acquired RM5 remote courtesy of parasound. It doesn’t seem to want to communicate with the preamp except to make the zone lamp light up red. I understand through what limited info I find online that the remote and the amp must be synchronized to the same zone, but nothing I do seems to accomplish this.

The instructions for the original remote don’t apply because the buttons are different and they don’t correspond. Does anyone know the secret to getting this remote taking to my preamp?




I have a zPre3, but I have no ‘zones’, only input selections. 

I found pics of both the 2 & 3 remotes 





Does your replacement look like either of those?


This is what they sent me. Picture is inverted for some reason and I can't attach my own image so that's the best I can do...



That makes no sense to me (why they would send that remote) as it is for a completely different piece of equipment. Perhaps it will work, but how you get it to work with the zPre2 is the issue.

I would call them to discuss.

When I originally started looking for a remote I was seeking what I figured was the only one for the zpre2 which was the zp1. Then I stumbled across some replacement remote sites that listed other models with cross compatibility lists and it began to appear that other models would work too.

I contacted Parasound initially to inquire about a list of compatible remotes I could keep my eye out for. They informed me that they had OEM remotes in stock for the zpre2 and would ship one to me. The RM5 is what I received. Either someone grabbed the wrong one, or it’s supposed to have the same functionality as the zp1.

It makes the zone led flash red so I’m guessing something is getting through, it just needs synchronizing? How this is done escapes me as the buttons are obviously different.

I found a picture that isn’t backwards too

Bottom line, Parasound sent you a remote that does not work for the zPre2. I would call them and hold them accountable.

Sure, the button on the remote may light up, but that only means the remote has power, not much else.

There are guys out there selling generic remotes that are programmed (per their claim) for the zPre2. You just end up with a remote with 50 buttons and only a handful are in use. I guess that would be better than nothing.

It's not so much the bottom(s) on the remote light up, they make the zone indicator on the front of the preamp flash. But regardless, if it doesn't work and they don't come up with a means of synchronizing it then it doesn't matter.


I've the seen the dime a dozen universal remotes and I don't want one of these. Heck I could program my own unirem to do that, I was hoping for an original with as few necessary buttons as possible. I'll see what Dave at parasound proposes in the morning.