Parsound ZDAC kind of blowing my mind...

I was offered a nice deal, so I took a chance on this DAC, thinking it might be a good stop gap while saving up funds for something better. It replaced a Behringer DEQ2496 I had connected to my Mac Mini. (In my system, the Behringer sounded BAD, exhibiting all of the worst characteristics of digital sound). My files are AIFFs stored on an external drive, and I'm running Audirvana Free on the computer. Before going the computer-based route, I had a Sony 5400 that I really liked (I sold it to finance the computer and an iPad).

Anyway, it's only been a week or so, but I have to say I truly was not expecting the ZDAC to sound so good. I don't want to get all caught up in the typical audiophile subjective terminology, but this thing has dynamics, is clean and clear on top, full on the bottom, and truly allows me to just relax and settle into the music. And yes, I am hearing parts and details on (very) familiar recordings I never noticed before.

I am a bit intrigued to hear how a "high end" DAC might sound in comparison, but, honestly, as good as my system sounds now, I intend to live with this DAC for a long time. Nicely done, Parasound.
No balanced outs on the M1clic? Odd Parasound has balanced outputs.
No balanced outputs, but do you really need them . they won't truly be balanced unless the unit is balanced internally. I would be willing to bet that the Z-dac is not internally balanced . If it is not then there is no real benefit.
I am returning my M1 clic and getting a NAD M-51. The M1 has a lot of features that i really will never use , like the usb thumb drive (front), the internet radio , and the network steaming capability.
I do not like scrolling through folders to play music, and the internet radio feature is nice , but most stations are mp3(not great quality). It is the same with playing over the network. You are limited to lower bit rates and ,once again folders .
I really want a just DAC . I thought i would give the M1 a try anyway . It is pretty good as a DAC, but not Great. The Bass is weak , but otherwise it has a very balanced sound .
My primary goal is to use a Pc as a Music Server (JRiver Media), because i have about 800 cds to rip . I will rip in .wav format. i COULD Definately hear a difference in the Music Ripped in the lower res formats, such as .ape , which i what JRiver defaults to for rips .
I think the Nad M 51 will be good , at least according to all the reviews .We will see
"no balanced outputs, but do you really need them?" People don't have them that why they don't need them. the choice is your.
Audio Output Level on the spec. manual:
Unbalanced: 2.1 V rms
Balanced: 4.2 V rms
The Parasound Zdac replaced my beloved Benchmark DAC1 USB in my office system and that's no easy task considering the price difference between the two. The Zdac has tight, powerful bass with a beautiful midrange and the treble is detailed yet sweet...a good bit smoother in the treble than my DAC1.

This is a great time to be a music lover/audiophile as there is a lot of great sounding gear out there that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The headphone amp in the Zdac sounds pretty good, but the slight thump I get whenever I plug in headphones or IEM's annoys me so I use either the Schiit Audio Lyr or Asgard 2 for driving my headphones.