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Help choose best amp/preamp combo?
"best amp/preamp combo?"The best combo for amp/preamp should be designed and engineering by the same team.  Made by the same manufacture, same generation and same era. 
B&W 805 D3
Speaker technology has changed dramatically yearly. Going forward with the use of different materials and computer has really allowed the engineer to generate better sounding speakers across the whole spectrum. Yes, 805 D3 will have a significant ... 
McIntosh MC275 MK IV vs. MC402 / MC352
I just switched the amps when I get tired of the same sound. I also rotate frequently between music server, turntable, streaming and cd player for different music experience and enjoyment. 
McIntosh MC275 MK IV vs. MC402 / MC352
Yes, keep your system, SS for everyday and Tube for special occasion.IMHO, frequently resort to entertaining upgrades that may not necessarily "improve" the system's performance, but do create detectable changes in the performance. However these a... 
Speaker Cable trial
I've been using Clear Day Double Shot Gun Bi-wire for the last 5 years and never consider to replace them. 
Changed amps - center image moved
I ran into the same problem few years ago. AES industry standard for balanced audio XLR wiring, commonly known as "pin-2 hot". Some manufacturers, especially in vintage equipment, do not follow t... 
Why I prefer gear that is made domestically
"Why I prefer gear that is made domestically"To create manufacture and repair job for engineer and technician.Equipment engineering domestically  generally very reliable and retains its value more than most equipment.   
Speakers that will bring me down to me knees crying with joy
I agree with ebm "No speaker will bring me down to my knees crying with joy"However, My speaker will bring me up to my feet dancing with joy. 
Does anyone have an opinion about the new P S Audio Bridge 2 ?
I setup the Bridge II with Jriver and crossover Cat 6 cable from  Mac mini,  sounds much better than Amarra  with itune.Not a very easy task, but Google will get you there.  
Anyone tried the EAT 6922s in their preamp? Or replaced 6550s with the new KT 120s
Yes, I tried the EAT 12ax7 and KT88 on my (2) MC275 V and never look back. Also purchased 4 extra KT88 going forward, just incase they stop making them.One friend brought 8 EAT 6922 at the CES last year, that he'll never pull them out. 
Why do some dealers
For those dealer carry the same exact lines for years because they are making money, and others have new lines every 6 months b/c they were losing money.Enter your text ... 
DAC connection preferred?
My DAC connection Preferred is PS Audio DAC BRIDGE II with a cross over Cat 6 cable from my Mac Mini. The Bridge changes everything better and is a must have component going forward for me. 
VPI Belt types
I have VPI Aries II Extended with 12.5 arm and try both clear and black belt and they sound the same. I decided to use the black belt b/c it looks better. 
I upgraded the MC275 Mono to MC601 Mono last year and upgrade my C2300 to C500T last monthly. With the MC601 and C500T, my system is now fully balance, impedances and synergy is 100% match by their design engineer team. ALL different music sound a... 
Be honest please
No...I don't even look down on my friends bragging about their Bose system.I honestly envy them for being TOTALLY enjoy the sound and music with no second guess of the equipment.