Pass Labs Int 25 vs Int 60

I'm curious if anyone has had a chance to listen to these two integrated amplifiers.

I know the Int 25 is basically the XA25 with a preamp. The Int 60 runs class A to 30 watts (and uses the same preamp) so maybe it's more closely related to the XA30.8, though I don't believe I've read that anywhere.

Anyway, I think from a power perspective both will be fine with my 90db floorstanders. My main question is which is the warmer, smoother of the two amps? Even if that means being darker and more veiled, I would want to go with that amp!

I love the two completely opposite reviews from two people who've tried both head-to-head... and both with efficient speakers to boot.  

Just goes to show that you've got to hear equipment in your system, with your ears, to truly know what you'll prefer.  
My review:

I use the 25 with Klipsch Heresy IV, chord Qutest DAC, Chord Mscaler, and a simple blue sound node 2i (dig out to chord). Nordost Blue Heaven LS cables throughout. 
The 25 added bass weight, a silky midrange that is very big sounding and a detailed yet non offensive top end. 

The 60 is also a beautiful amp. If I had harder to drive speakers I would have considered a purchase. But even the 25 powers the Q acoustic C300s quite easily and those are 86 or 87 dB. 
The room makes the biggest difference, always. With that said, the INT-25 is a much fuller and warmer integrated than the others I’ve had. Naim Nova, Luxman 590axII, and various tube amps, including Prima  Luna. 
I feel the INT-25 has something very special about it and it’s a perfect match for Klipsch Heritage (modern day newest versions). 
Also, the int-25, for me, has the all out best bass performance of any integrated I’ve had. Bests the Luxman and any others I’ve had. Makes the naim pieces sound thin. But the magic lies in the mids with the 25 and Heresy.  Nothing harsh about it with the Heresy IV, no matter how loud I go. 
@stevehuff Really great comparisons in that review Steve.  For people who haven't clicked yet, Steve also has top-quality integrateds from Luxman, Vinnie La Rossie, and Line Magnetic on hand for comparisons.  What a privilege to have those in the stable... all beautiful in their own way I'm sure.  And really an accomplishment for Nelson to have come out on top...