PASS Labs Power

Have updated the system with a X150.8 and right off the start I’m moving to the music yet again. Spoon GaGaGaGaGa recording from 2007 is first and it really never sounded so good. Beck "Colors" &  "Help on the way" from Jerry Garcia is sounding incredible on these Thiel CS2.4 speakers


I never tried the X150.8 but am pretty sure it’s a nice amp. Congrats on the upgrade!!!

Always heard great things about them. Never listened as nobody around here does a demo using PASS LABS, I got this on a blind buy from and it has really beat my expectations. Meaty and Detailed lol


I especially like the binding post for the speaker cables, Does anyone reading have experience with them? How many clicks am I supposed to hear when tightening. 

Currently playing an old time favorite "Cake" comfort eagle recording


Once the binding posts start clicking, I don't think they get any tighter. This sets the optimal pressure on the spades. I used to own a pair off XA60.8 monoblocks. 

Congrats on your new amp.