Pass Labs Preamps - New Line Soon?

The Pass Labs XP-10, XP-20 and XP-30 have been out for several years now (since 2009ish).  The just came out with a new top-of-the-line pre, the Xs, with an MSRP of $38K.  

Any thoughts on when they may come out with more "affordable" upgrades to the XP Line?  It seems like it should be about time.
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I would, but I don't expect I'd get an answer.  Theoretically, once a new line is announced, the demand for the old line drys up.  I thought there might be some PL gurus here that could make an educated guess based on the age of the existing line and the release of Xs.

The X model amps came out in 1998, followed by the .5's around 2009 and the .8's in 2014.  Seems logical the next generation preamps would be coming soon.

having heard the XP-10 & XP-20, I cannot imagine a better SS pre-amp!

I would be interested in learning more about Pass Labs integrated amps.
IME, this is SS nirvana! Also, outstanding customer service.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
CES is just around the corner, so you should have news soon, if there is any news.
jmc, good point.  

jafant, no matter how good a component is, they always find ways to make it better.  :)  Just look at Audio Research - Ref 6 is now out.  (I currently own the Ref 5 se and am considering a PL pre to go with my XA-100.5 monoblocks.)  

I agree, I would not mind simplifying the system and going to a PL integrated.  They just came out with a couple of new models (INT-60 and INT-250) that, "take advantage of the point 8 amps."  Might be worth a look.