Pass labs to Odyssey audio mono's

Has any one had the chance to compare Pass labs X250.5 or X350.5 to the Odyssey audio Mono Extremes and if so what were the results?? I know there both great amps, just want to have difference in opinions..
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Try posting your question on the Odyssey board:
I was not impressed with an Odyssey amp I have heard. I think it was the tempest, the stereo version. Rather dark, masking details. Pass Labs gear has a totally different sound, some might call it more accurate, or in a negative sense, more analytical.

Depending on the application of both types of amps, I would go for something that is more controlled rather than dark. Large insensitive speakers are already colored and need control. Mixing dark and insensitive equipment might not be of your liking. At best, if money is an issue, you should consider purchasing the Monos used and if not of your liking, reselling. The Pass that you are considering are rather new and not many should be found second hand.

I would be hesitant in taking much advice at the Odyssey Audio forum. How will a group of owners talk about their own equipment and also having it discussed in their forum. Found many people who are writing in a manufacter's forum rather zealot about their own equipment.
Bemopti123, if you are talking about the basic stereo Odyssey Stratos you have to take into consideration that it is the entry level model and the huge difference in price between it and any Pass amplifier. Even so, it has been well reviewed by experts such as Martin G. Dewulf and J. Peter Moncrieff among others, and I wouldn't say they are dark (I used to own them). The Extreme Monos are a totally different animal and still relatively inexpensive ($2,600 pair) as good amps go.
Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated..
This makes it kind of touch to make a decision though..
I have seen the Pass X250.5 for right over $3500.00 , but norally runs between $4000.00 to $5000.00 slightly used..
I was told the Odyssey Extreme's have improved even more recently..
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i have the original extreme mule boards in my extremes-
cant compare to a pass unit because i havent had the upgrade bug-

nothing near a dark sounding unit and no way it mask's details-

and the service from klaus is the best you can get-
Thanks to everyone for your help , that includes Polara that just recently posted, all greatly appreciated on the inputs..Im considering trying the Exteme mono's , since they come with such a great price..