Pass Labs XP32 or XP22?

I am considering buying Pass Labs, specifically the XA60.8 monoblocks. I am hoping that someone familiar with the preams could advise me.  XP22 or XP32?

Thank you


I also use an ARC preamp (REF 3) with Pass amp (XA30.8). Tried others but this is best combination.


@jcarcopo Disclaimer: These views do not represent the views of Aric Audio or it’s parent company Aric Audio and are exclusively the views of jcarcopo 😆

@aricaudio I'm happy I made you laugh!  It's a bit I used to do on irc chat for the audio asylum when I would interject a "brought to you by xyz manufacturer" intermission when I or anyone fanatical for any particular brand especially if we all like or more than two felt the same way and often rightfully so.  I've heard great things about you and your products so it's an honor to make you laugh.  I will remember to add a more definitive disclaimer in #2 font.  Have an A1 day sir!


Admittedly, my comment above might have been the slightest of plugs for Aric and his gear. But my personal advice to pair Pass Class A amps with a well curated tube preamp, was my intended point. Don't make the mistake that I did in assuming that the symmetry of pairing a Pass amp(s) with a Pass preamp is the best path to sonic nirvana. You should call Aric, however...