Passive network spkr cables - yes or no?

Are passive network spkr cables (Transparent Audio) a gimmick or do they really work? If they're ok, are they worth the money or would you prefer silver conductor cables like Audio Quest?
don't waste your money on these expensive cables. all they do is color the sound. I highly recommend the ensemble cables from switzerland. you can read about them on my website at: thanks, brian
That is not true at all if your talking about MIT cables. Yeah transparents might suck because MIT holds all the good patents. If the passive networks just colored the sound then how do you explain the bigger image, the more open and airy sound, the stronger bass, and more space between instuments? Just so you know that the boxes are not there to color the sound I'll let you now what they do do. You see cable has a tendency to store and release energy at different rates. So the signal goes in one end but comes out the other end a little different. Well MIT's passive networks realign the signal thereby giving your gear the true sound of the recording or at least as good as can be expected from the medium being used. And giving you all the benifits I mentioned above. And now MIT has OHM specific wires. Wires that are made and tested to work best with certain OHM amps and preamps.(there is a great article on this in stereophile within the past couple months but I can't remember which one). Also MIT's website compares wire and voltage to water and a hose. You should really check it out it's quite interesting. To go there type in MIT in the audiogon search and their website and address is at the top of the list. And one last thing that should be said is that MIT's dollar per sound ratio is the best I've found. You just get more than you pay for. Good luck.
Oh yeah to get the full benifits from these wires you really need to have both the interconnects and speaker wire.
Kacz is 100% correct. They are the best cables I've ever tried and I've tried many. They are the most natural sounding cables - music just sounds right.