Passive preamp cable run length...

The last thread on passive preamps got me thinking.

If you have a long cable run to your amps is it better to move the passive premap closer to the amps so the longest run of cable is from the CD player to the passive pre and a short run from the passive pre to the amps?

Or if the cables are of low enough capacitance leave the preamp in proximity to the CD player with a short run of cable then have a long run from the passive pre to the amps?

Does 3 meters constitute a long run?
Greetings, your best bet would be to ask that question to the people who make your passive pre. Any advise here would be general and may not apply to your application. Not all passive preamps and cables are created egual, so different set-up will vary. As a general rule, "overall" cable length should be cept as short as possible. Also, with a passive pre, it is alway better to bring the amp to the pre and use longer speaker cables, not long interconnect cables.
Happy Listening.