Passive preamp issues or?

I have a Nuforce STA 200 that I’ve been using with an Axiom Walker mod preamp for a while now.  Other equipment is a Bluesound Node 2 streamer and a Jolida dsd dac.  Nordost digital coax and Dueland Schroeder IC’s from dac to pre and pre to amp.   Last night, I disconnected the preamp and ran the IC’s directly from the dac to amp, using the volume control on the dac.  The change in detail and depth was not subtle.  Soundstage extended beyond the speakers- everything just sounded better.  However, with the high gain of the Nuforce there’s  a hum in the speakers- it’s not not audible when I’m not playing anything. I’m willing to live with it, but I’m curious why the sound improved significantly by pulling the pre- should I look at better IC’s from pre to amp or is the Axiom subtracting from the sound quality?
I put the pre-amp back in the loop.  Dead quiet- decided I couldn’t live with the hum. FWIW- and I don’t clearly understand the logic behind this, if I keep the amp connected to the speakers and disconnect the dac from the amp, the hum is worse. Disconnected every that might contribute to the hum- no change.    I may just look at better IC’s from pre to amp to see if I can wring some improvement.  It’s really a pretty good system as it is- I may just need to tweak with the pre in the loop.

As I asked you to put in your Blue Note 2 in, did you? (which also has volume) Direct into the poweramp, and then you can see if the problems disappears.
If it does then the Jolida tube output is the problem, and even if it doesn’t make noise will still be an impedance mismatch at 47kohm with the input impedance of the Axiom pre also.

Cheers George
There it is! The problem is either the high output impedance of the Jolida at 47kohm (which is wrong for anything mind you) save the input impedance of Rogue M120 monoblocks, which are for memory 1megohm, or similar, they would give a good ratio of around 1:20.

Or maybe it’s the Jolida output coupling cap with that impedance, or could be earthing.

But I don’t think you’ll ever find any manufacturer with a source product that has around 47kohm output impedance.

Cheers George
If the amp really has a 1MegOhm input impedance, that is likely the problem- it will make it very sensitive to cables (and much more able to pick up hum from high impedance sources!). The input impedance isn't specified anywhere I've looked so this is speculation.