Pathos InPower MkI keeps blowing a fuse (and causing me to, also)

Anyone know what might be causing this?  I haven't been able to find a good repair shop in my area, and I certainly don't want to send it all the way to NY, the only place I have been able to find an authorized Pathos repair shop.  I also don't want to replace it with the money I plan to use for my home theater.  Could it be anything that can easily be fixed by a layman?  Hope someone can help.


Is it the 6A fuse or the 2 A fuse?

1.  look carefully to make sure they haven't been swapped and you have the 2A in the 6 a hole.

2.  I assume you have replaced the tubes or swapped with your other monoblock to see if the problem follows the tubes.

3.  I can't tell from looking but make sure you have slo blo fuses (unless Pathos specifies fast blow, which wouldbe unusual.)

4.  If indeed you have the right fuse and it keeps blowing during service then you have a proboem.  Vendors generally size uses with plenty of margin not to blow.  You could call pathos (yes, it is a pain to get ahold of a real person at any company) and ask them.  They might have decided it was too small and recommended the next size up.  But not likely.

Where are you located?  In LA, I'm pretty sure upscale carries pathos.

Good luck,


Hi Jerry.  Thanks for the response.  It's the 6A fuse that's blowing.  I've had these amps for 20 years and they haven't even been moved in four years.  They've had the same fuses the whole time and it just started doing this about a week ago.

The fuses were definitely in the right places.  First thing I did swap the tubes.  I opened it up to see if I could find any obvious shorts or anything like that.  There were some spider webs, which I know can cause shorts, but I cleaned them out and tried it again to no avail.  All I can say is it's nothing that would be obvious to a layman.

I'm in KY, so either coast is going to be a long haul to ship.  I just emailed the authorized service center in NY to see if they know if there's something that commonly happens that I might be able to do something about.  Fingers crossed.

I bought these and the InControl preamp used for less than half of retail, so I suppose I should be happy I've had them this long.  But they've been a PITA since I got them.  The preamp quit on me almost immediately, so I had to send it to NY and wait several months to get it back because the parts had to come from Italy.  Then a few years ago one of the amp capacitors leaked and I had to get all of them replaced.  In that instance I was at least lucky enough to have someone local to do it.  Unfortunately, I've moved since then and I don't have anyone here to fix it.  If I do end up having to replace my gear, I don't think I'll trust Pathos again.

Best - Brian