Paypal Changes for 2022

If I understand this correctly, Paypal, along with all on-line payment sources like Venmo, etc. will now be sending out 1099 forms for all payments totaling $600 you receive in 2022 for goods or services.  The only way around this is to use Paypal friends and family for payment which eliminates any buyer protections.  Is everyone aware of this?


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This is a nothingburger. How many people routinely make money on their audio sales?

@nonoise  it is not unpatriotic to try to avoid paying what you can. I suggest everyone who thinks otherwise to pay more than you should. They will allow you to do that if you feel so strongly. We have roughly half the nation that pays nothing into income taxes while at the same time chanting for the rich to pay "their fair share". It has gotten so absurd that people who pay no income tax are receiving money from other taxpayers for their decision to have a child. People chanting fair share that don't realize the top 1% account for 70% of the monies paid into federal treasury. For some reason a political segment believes there is a limited amount of money and if that rich arsehole weren't so selfish I'd be rich too. It doesn't work that way. 

Our federal government is bloated and it's tax laws are what allows it to be bloated. If you don't believe me look at maps by county + wealth over the last 6 decades. That wealth was distributed across the nation. Today the richest counties are congregating around DC. I don't have a problem paying taxes; I have a problem paying for mass bureaucracy and other people's decisions in life. If you choose to have a kid, great! I don't want to pay for that choice.

And of course this thread devolves into partisan political tripe.