PC for Running Springs Dmitri conditioner

Looking for a good advice for a 'final'power cord for my entry level system that consists of following equipment:
krell kav 400 amp
brystone bcd 1 cd player
sonus faber grand piano speakers
running springs dmitri power conditioner
cardas GR speaker and xlr cables
nordost valhallas pc on amp and cd
Music is mostly jazz from 50's and 60's.
Tryed Cardas GR,good body and midrange,but missed clarity.3rd valhalla made bass lines too tiny.Guess that would like some cable that combines best caracteristic of those two.
At the moment I am using Acoustic zen gargantua 2,which is
quite good cable,but still courious for improvment.
Any sugestions,preferbly from people that have similar equipment?
I've tried a few power cords on my RSA Danielle (I'd love to upgrade to a Dmitri one day), the cord that I keep going back to is a Elrod EPS-3 Signature. I imagine a Elrod Statement would work even better, but I haven't had the opportunity to try one yet.

Happy Hunting,
The best sounding power cord I have tried with the Dmitri by far is Running Springs Audio's own HZ power cord. Tried at least four other cords and the HZ was by far the best.