PC system advice.

I've been using a Bose Companion 5 Sat/Sub system for my PC audio for a few years now.  About all I like about it is the convenience of being all in one and the pretty nice desktop volume dial/mute/headphone/mic jacks device.

I recently bought a pair of Gallo Micro SE's to use as surrounds in my HT, but decided my older Monitor Audio Silver FXi bipoles sounded better in my room.  So I now have this pair of Gallos that I'd like to use with my PC.  I was thinking about trying to use the Bose sub and amp and splicing in the Gallos to replace the mediocre Bose speakers, but the unit I have is a "simulated surround" (SRS - like) system that appears to have 2 drivers in each speaker.  At least there are 4 conductors going to each speaker...

So wondering what my options are.  Looked at small desktop amps on Amazon and could cover the Gallos for about $100, and pick up a small powered sub easily enough, but I wanted to see if anyone else had a better idea.

This is for 50% music and 50% games (what can I say...)