Peachtree Grande Integrated & Zu Soul Superfly

Would it be a mistake or a good marriage for me to get the above speakers & integrated amp hitched ?
I have the Peachtree Grand Integrated and love it, but that's a ton of power into speakers that don't necessarily need much power. Aren't the Zu Soul Superfly speakers something like 100db efficient? It may sound awesome, but you may not ever get the volume dial above 9 o'clock without blowing out some wondows! In terms of matching power with power requirements, it's an odd match, but that doesn't mean it may not sound great.
Also, are the Zu speakers more on the bright side? I find the Peachtree to be very neutral-to-warm, even without the tube buffer (which works really nice and warms up the sound even more), so in that sense if the Souls are more forward it may be a nice balanced combo with the Peachtree. It's still a truckload of power for those speakers, but if you're in a large room that may not be a bad thing.
It will be ok, there is a reason that Peachtree and Zu share the room at most audio shows. Peachtrees are not exactly bright.
I have this combo. Peachtree and Zu worl well together. I am selling my Soulfly's on Audiogon, check them out!