People That Have Upgraded From Harbeth 30.1s....

.... what speaker did you buy? 
@d2girls Those Coherent speakers are intriguing.  I see there is a US dealer in Nashville, TN.  May be worth a visit next time I'm there.
To sure to list the Harbeth on another selling site.  Someone like me will find your new loving description of the Harbeths you intend to sell...not the comparison to the Klipsch...just a thought.
CD318    when does it not come down to personal  preference , I guess when you are needing a professional  system for specific  reasons , so in my case it is a personal preference of sound of "life " over   the Harbeth sound .BTW , I can make my  Klipsch sound  very much like my  Harbeth by placing  a towel or light blanket over the horn .It's similar in difference  between high humidity and dry climate .One suppresses you and the other lifts you up , inspires you .The Klipsch inspires me as does the Sedona  climate .I grew up in high humidity , I know the difference .

Yes , I read all the adjectives  placed on the Harbeth   which is one reason I bought them  .   When it comes to music , I need to go with emotions over mind  , after all , music is an emotion experience .
Please do not be offended by what I wrote , my Klipsch inspired my to write this as I am listening to them right now lol