Bache- Tribeca- 001- Upgraded- THE BEST (w/ Wolf & Exogal)

Hi All,
I thought to share my recent experience w/ Greg from bache Audio. I purchased his Tribeca-001 speakers a couple of years ago and love them. recently he approached my w/ and upgrade option that included replacing woofers w/ Eton (made in Germany) and simplifying cross over further.
Bache offers full range design w/ full range driver supplemented by super tweeter and bass driver or 2.
Most of the midrange is handled by the full range driver. This set up produces some of the most realistic and beautiful sound that I've had the pleasure of listening to.
The resulted upgraded speakers are way beyond my imagination. THE BEST ! Sound stage is even more expansive, bass is tight & DEEP. Efficiency has improved to 92db.
Overall one of the Best upgrades I have done in my 30 plus years in this hobby
BTW my source is Wolf System Lunar server (also amazing)
& DAC /amplifier from the phenomenal Exogal (comet & Ion)
I feel I'm done for a long time
Many thanks to Greg of Bache, Joe at Wolf and Jeff at Exogal
Wish all can hear this combo, wish you much peace through great music reproduction, ken  
I belong to an audio club in NY, and Bache speakers were presented for audition. It’s been over a year, so I can’t recall specifics, but I do remember really liking their full bodied sound. IIRC, someone bought them midway through the meeting. 
In short, I agree with your assessment. Bache makes an excellent sounding speaker.
I love my Tribeca’s with the Eton woofers. Last week I decided to put my Quad ESLs back in the system and I finally got to listen last night. For me it’s no contest. As wonderful as the Quads sound, I enjoy my Bache speakers much more. A beautiful holographic midrange with tight bass and a smooth top end. 
Thanks guys, i did not assume , that will be big difference to replace 
woofers for ETON , this is really good products made in Germany ,
I fall in love with ETON,