Perfect Path Total Contact Inside a Power Conditioner a good thing?

   I was the happy owner of a Core Power Equi=Core 1200 for the last couple of years and had no intention of replacing it. Well an 1800 modified version came up for sale ( the mod included NCF duplex outlets, upgraded military spec. direct  internal wiring vs daisy-chained low grade wiring and an added NCF IEC inlet ). I thought what the heck I really like the 1200 and wouldnt know what to replace it with unless I spent a lot more money so I bought it. It was a definte upgrade but not earth-shatteriing. The 1200 and 1800 are the same unit expect a bigger transformer inside for a bigger system and/or amp(s).

  After a few weeks I decided to contact Tim Mrock at Perfect Path and see if he was coming out soon with the version of the Gate for us apartment dwellers. Tim said it would be a while as it was kind of on the back burner to some other products he is developing. However, he had seen that I bought the  modded CPT 1800 here on audiogon and offered to let me be the first power condtioner that he would apply Total Contact to a significant portion of the inside. I believe the main things he appied it to were the outside of the transformer, wires and lid....I think. He received  my unit on Friday afternoon and had it back with UPS the following Monday!! Boy was I anxious to get it back. I had applied TC to my connectors and my Vacuum Tubes several months ago and was impressed!

  Well three days later I get it back and put it in my system and listened to it an hour later and a nice difference definitely larger...much higher soundstage and overall better sound. I listened every day over the weekend and by Sunday  I was pretty floored by the increase in performance  of my system. Huge soundstage, imaging very much enhanced and detail like crazy. Noise floor definitely lower with vocals and tonality of instruments becoming more like the real thing. I almost forgot and quite probably the most significant gain for my system is the increase in dynamics. Listening tonight, two weeks later,  everything is definitely getting better. I have certain tracks that I pull out to discern further improvements and tonight they were all markedly better.. I am currently at 16 days after application of the TC by Tim in my 1800 as of writing this. If anyone else has this service done I would recommend giving it 2 or 3 days of settling in before you can really begin to hear what it can do for your system. So basically one week after application of the TC in your unit. Tim says that I can expect the same 30 and 60 day jumps in performance for the TC as was attained after applying it to all the contacts within my system. The increase in performance already in my system is many multiples of the upgrade from the CPT 1200 to the 1800 with all the modifications and the power cord upgrades. I had just upgraded all my power cords quite substantially in my system.  I feel like I spent several thousand dollars more on each of my components and all my cabling! Quite a nice shock it is. I will be trying an E-mat for my breaker box soon. All his products are additive and complimentary per Tim.

  Tim Mrock at Perfect Path is talking about offering  this as a service to owners of certain power conditioners. I have never as happy with anything that I have purchased in audio than this. Price to performance ratio is just off the charts! As a side note. Tim recommends the Core Power 1200/1800 very highly...large transformer used to implement balanced power and nothing else to detract from the sound. I can't recommend this SERVICE any higher!! I would recommend contacting Tim at Perfect Path if you are interested. If you are thinking of upgrading anything in your system please try this on your power conditioner first. You may save some money as you may not want to upgrade anything for awile!

I will try to give updates after 30 and 60 day marks in my system.
@tuffy72561 Thanks Scott, that's really nice of you. Just to be clear,
TC was used only on the connections. 

The unit  was completely stripped down everything was coated several times with the coating used in my other products.

I really had fun with it, enjoy!

Tim Mrock 
My bad. Thanks for the clarification Tim. A few things I forgot to mention, but really significant, was the furthering of what I call a three dimensionality of the overall presentation along with added texture and fleshing out of the sound. My system has gained a more live sound to it....dynamic but not harsh at all! It feels like the the sound improves every several days as best I can tell. If it doesn't improve anymore, but I don't doubt that it will, I am already extremely satisfied with the results!
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