VAC and Kevin Hayes are totally unresponsive. What's up with that?

The VAC Rennaissance Signature is the best preamp I've owned, and I've had some really good ones over the years.

Because I like the preamp so much, I tried to contact Kevin Hayes at VAC and inquired about possible factory upgrades to the unit.

I sent the serial number, then he replied and asked for top-off photos, so he could determine which version I owned. I sent photos and then nothing...

Every 2-3 weeks, I sent a polite, follow-up emails and heard nothing. This has been going on since the first week of September...

At this point, even if anyone at VAC ever did reply, I might be reluctant to send   them my preamp for fear that they'd have it for months and months and months or that I'd never hear from them again.

Anyone else have problems with getting in touch with VAC?



Yes it is 530 CST here in New Orleans,,so I decided to ck out the issue, VAC does not even havea  phone messaging service,, the phone rings,,and rings,,and ,,,,no do not send them your preamp.

Bad move. 

WElp another one bites the dust,,thanks to the ,,can't say the word , or risk getting booted off this site. 

1st letter in the pet that meows, and 1st letter in a  man's name of  Victor. .. Then the number after 18 and before the number 20.

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I've called VAC several times and they are awesome. Maybe you are going to spam? TMaybe they have an old tube based answering machine a dial up.


Lots of threads here on Agon about poor customer service at VAC. Sorry for your troubles

he is getting older now, maybe slowing down a touch, like many of the stalwarts who established hi end hifi from the 70’s

it has been a couple years, prior to covid, since i have reached out to kevin hayes for help or advice on his gear, but when i have over the years, i was always able to reach him personally by phone, and he was always gracious and most generous with his time and thoughtfulness

there is a pandemic going on worldwide, lots of small businesses are really struggling, with loss of employees, low sales etc etc... i would hope the op would understand this and have patience before blowing his/her lid over what is by all measures a very high class ’problem’ 😉

Today's posts are depressing, lots of worries about how people are unfairly treated and looking for solutions. Well, the 20th century is behind us, gen X is about to run the show now. Customer service is mainly nonexistent no matter what you are shopping for. Probably comes from a lack of personal communication skills as we no longer actually talk to eachother but simply let our fingers do the talking. Cold way to resolve anything if you ask me. Welcome to the 21st century.


VAC was at Capital Audio Fest so maybe they have just been flat out.  I don't know if you've ever been an exhibitor at an audio show but it takes months of prep.  Try them through FaceBook or Instagram maybe there's some firewall issue.  I hate social media but most companies monitor their presence on the web

As a reviewer who knows Kevin personally,  my characterization is that he and company are old school on communication tech, but rigorous on wanting to maintain quality in equipment and communication and customer satisfaction when established.  Kevin is among the highly trusted members of the industry in his relating to me in reviews over the years.  

There have been long gaps in  communication with many small manufacturers over the years.  Almost universally they have shown integrity ultimately.  

I do not know the  current operating conditions as it has been several years since the reviews. Even back then I had to sometimes try several times to have a conversation. If you can put up with some dead air space, it'll be ok.

I have the same problems with VAC : via fb. I asked a lot of questions :. I used 6550 tubes in the VAC. phi 300.1 after weeks ,he said : "it's not allowed to use this tubes instead of KT88.  Than I replaced the tubes for KT88: the problem is now solved. Try to go to a tube-amp professional. He helped me a lot. I'm from Belgium , and in Europe there are still a few distributors. Amazing amp.but if you have problems...

@mozartfan I think you'll be ok saying the "c" word. just look at this thread. still hasn't been shut down.

Several months ago, I reached out to VAC and found them to be very responsive. I spoke to Kevin regarding his phono upgrade for my newly acquired Master preamp, and I was still holding onto my Signature MkIIa SE preamp. He was very accommodating and informative as were his staff. Afterwards I exchanged several emails as well, so I guess I’ve been lucky.

I've owned four VAC amps over the last 15 years, all of which were purchased used.  While I no longer own gear, I do recall them being responsive, professional and generous with their time when I had questions or needed service.  On the downside, repairs typically took 5-8 weeks and were often quite costly.

This is not typical for VAC, and in fact I have a friend who’s in regular correspondence with them currently.

1. Email is not the most reliable form of communication. Call them. I sent an email question a couple weeks ago and got no response. No biggie. I figured it out on my own, but if it still mattered I’d call. Though over the past few years, most of my emails have gotten a very friendly and helpful response from Kevin himself within a day or two. 

2. They’ve been hella busy for a few recent weeks from the Capital Audio Fest. Communications won’t be quite as on point at these times.

The Signature is a very nice preamp!