Perfect Wave II DAC alternatives?

Any thoughts on DACs competitive with the PWD Mark II for computer audio, at about the same price point or less (say, < 5k)?

Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 (or 1), and Ayre QB-9 come to mind, but there are a *lot* of alternatives.

My set up is simple, and I don't need a lot of complexity and "features": I run USB in off a MAC, and I don't require a preamp section. I strongly prefer balanced connections, though.

Any thoughts appreciated.


I'd see if Chris could help trouble shoot or bring it over and hook up in my system if that could work.
I enjoy the PWD, Edorr, and I'm not sure I'll go another direction. But wondering if there are options that take less effort in implementation re firmware, simcards, etc.

Hey John, I'd be happy to let you audition my BMC DAC1 at home for a week if you wanted. I've been serioiusly impressed with mine. It and the Overdrive SE would be my suggestions.
Thanks Ryan! Good sound at your house of course; if I go forward with a change, I'll be in touch.

Hope things are good,