Perp. Tech. Speaker Correction

I was hoping that those who are using or have used the Perpetual Tech. P1A and P3A with speaker correction can tell me their experiences with this upgrade. What they liked or disliked, etc. I am waiting for the Talon Peregrine algorhythim to become available.

Thanks in advance for your answers!
suggest you use the search engine re: the forum archives. I've read commentary in that regard previously here - don't recall any specifics however.
I am not very happy with Perpetual Tech. Their web site (which is hardly ever updated) has listed speaker only correction for my speakers (Vandersteen 2ce Signature) as "coming soon" for six months or more. It is the same story with lots of other models.

I signed up for the mailing list from their web site (twice), but have never gotten a single email from them. I sent them the product registration cards for my P-1A and P-3A and never received any kind of acknowledgement. They answer email to their tech support (who are helpful), but otherwise do a lousy job keeping their customers up to date.

They advertise their products as being updatable via the internet, but they have never offered any updates online. I have heard third hand that the software in the P-1A/P-3A has been revised, but good luck finding out what version of software you have installed, what the revisions are, or how to get them. It is not mentioned anywhere on their web site. Remember, this is a company that mainly sells direct via the internet. So it is resonable to expect their web site to have all of this information.

Then there is their room correction software. Where is it? Will it ever ship?

Perpetual Tech. has an excellent sounding DAC, but they are ruining their reputation by selling vaporware.
My dealer steered me away from Perpetual and for that I am thankful. You're right, with their sell direct model, you would expect better support from their website and direct sales force. Sales force? LOL
I own a P3A modified by Dan Wright. I had P1A but got rid of it as it seemed to offer little improvement with no chance of speaker correction coming up soon (mine are Aliante Moda). I very much like what I am hearing through my P3A, but I must agree with Nicks that PT has lousy internet support. They never update, even after repeated promises of a "major" update from Mark Schifter. Also, their California-based repair facility is notoriously lame. My P3A is very good but has this "clicking" problem, induced by EMI. Mark at PT promised a free repair, but due to several horror stories of those who sent their units to PT's Cal repair centre I decided against sending in my unit. I understand that this company is still experiencing some growing pain, as its market seems to have exploded especially in Asia, and am willing to cut some slack. But I sure wish PT will get their acts together soon. As far as the quality of their gear goes (and I only mean P3A), I have no complaints though.
I contacted Perpetual today, and was told that they will have a home measured SOCS kit available in 45 days. They send you a laptop, microphone, and software. You take the measurements, and then send it back to them. They then develop the software for your speakers, and you download it from the internet. Cool idea if they follow through.
I was told months ago that that measurement unit was already available. There seems to be so much misinformation about these products going around that I am now considering throwing in the towel.
After listening to the Electrocompaniet EMCD1 with new 24/192 upgrades, perhaps I should sell off my PT gear, purchase a proven winner and be done with it.
I wish that P-Tech could see this discourse and provide definitive answers to those early adopters of their product. I think we deserve that.
Thanks to all who answered.

Patrick Mattucci
I've thrown in mine. Sold my P3A last week. I will probably get a XA777ES. Cheers.