Perry buys Talon Khorus

New review at, Clement Perry trades his VR6s for Khorus in his reference system, says is best he has heard, "near perfect", SOTA. Long detailed review, just for good measure includes Talon "Roc" subwoofer in system. This is follow-up to previous Talon thread, comments from owners or general obsevations .......
Acuujim, your views especially since you also have VR6 and Khorus like Clement you agree with his findings?, Sam
Megasam- I certainly do agree. I have about 300 hrs on mine and they are so good. I was listening to the new Patricia Barber cd today and the Talons are getting a deeper soundstage and a noticable increase in the space around instruments and vocals. I was very interested in his comments concerning the Roc. The Talons go so low with such wonderful fleshy bass I never even considered adding the sub. Pehaps now I will check it out too. I think I should order it before more reviews come out as Clement seems to be the first in along line of glowing reviews.
Get real people. Perry now WORKS for Talon. This is a true statement. The speakers are not that good. The markerting is as well as the way Talon is buying reviews. The speaker uses a guitar woofer from eminance. The cabinet is fancy and the marketing is trick. Don't be fooled by the claimed specs. They are not accurate. These speakers have been evaluated buy another manufacturer and have been rated poorly. Listen before you buy and ignore the hype Fred
Hey Bozo: My hotmail account is just as bogus as yours. A nice way to hide your identity, eh? Where do you get off stating this false and slanderous crap. You don't even know the speaker. On another post you refer to the midrange driver as being poor--HA, it ain't a midrange you idiot, that's a dome tweeter with a passive super tweeter above. Tell us who the other manufacturer is? I'd really like to know.
Hey Krusty.. so I called the dome tweeter a mid.. so what. Deny it uses a cheap guitar wooofer? Deny that Perry now works for Talon. You don't have a leg to stand on. What I said is true. Live with it. If you want to waste your money on a lesser product, go ahead. Like I said before, there is better out there for much less. A LOT BETTER. Fred
Fred, Clement Perry works for Stereo Times and by no means is an employee of Talon. The review pair was requested by Perry due to consumer comments. Everything during and after the review process has been above board and fair. Talon has not made any job offers to Clement, nor do we plan on any devious marketing attempt to pad our reviews. Even when we received a review copy an asked for comments the only change we made was for the correct terminology in the finish. There were several aspects that we would have liked differently, but we do not want to take away from Clement's analysis. The review is Clement's personal enthusiasm for the Khorus'. He mentioned that he was very nervous to write how he feels due to the criticism for his honesty. He did what most writers are fearful of doing, telling it how they see it foregoing the political repercussions. We at Talon have worked for many years to deliver a product with real technology that will satisfy the complicated demands of music and movies, being honest to the recorded material. Your naive comments towards our technology displays your lack of enthusiasm for progressive movement is speaker technology. The medium for loudspeaker design is over 20 years old with technology aiming towards component parts and cabinet. You might scoff at our 10" woofer with its accordian surround. Truthfully, we could not use any other woofer to deliver the demands of what we are requiring. The accordian surrond is stiff which creates the proper impedance path for removing standing waves. It also allows a 3/4" peak to peak excursion. We source the dust cap for its physical properties and ability to work with a woofer driver. Basically, using another driver(titanium, kevlar, carbon fiber) would compromise the sound, resulting is a lossy sound with unrecoverable phase shift peaks. Others will review and give you their opinions as to our technology, so instead of trying to slander Clement and accuse Talon of devious practices, maybe you should wait to see what others say. Or maybe you should even spend some time and listen for yourself. We offer this technology for those searching better more defineable sound. There are those that are not captured by the sound of our speakers and others that are engulfed. The great thing about audio is that we are free to make our own decisions. So let the cutomers decide with their own ears without the slanderous remarks.
I was wrong about my comments concerning Mr. Clemments. He does not work for Talon. I apologize for passing along my third hand information. Fred
Fred, The Khorus does not use a cheap guitar speaker (there I said, it you moron). It's a custom made driver with the magnet structure of very large, long throw woofer and a dust cap that is designed to radiate like a midrange driver. It is custom, not your stupid eminance driver. You were obviously wrong about Clement Perry and yoiur wrong about this too. I'm still waiting for you to enlighten us all with the name of the manufacturer who "rated them poorly." And one other thing. If you frequent audioasylum so often, how come there is not a single post in their archives with your email name of Fred_lane? Hmmmmm?.... because you aren't the mythical Fred_lane! You're someone else(probably another manufacturer) shilling under this name. You're a little too transparent buddy boy.
I heard the talons with an all solid state front end ( rowland) I was not impressed at all I feel kharma speakers with Lamm are so superior there is no contest Totally uninvoling and a typical dome midrande sound wooly and colored thw wilsons amd kharmas are more dynamic muscial and invovling perhaps it was the roland equipment, Not worth 12k maybe 6k at most even audio physics are better
The sound you are describing as wooley and colored is what the Talons sound like before they break-in. The midrange is murky and veiled. After about 50 hours, you hear substantial improvements. As Clement Perry said in his article, it takes about 400 hours of hard hitting music to break them in. The accordian surround mentioned in this thread is very stiff. Dealers who don't break these things in before having people audition them are going to lose a lot of potential customers who walk away unimpressed with what they've heard, as Mitch apparently did. I would too. I went through my doubting phase after acquiring mine, but was reassured by Stuart McCreary of Positive Feedback that they would change. He is also writing a great review of these speakers. I also spoke to Tiery Budge of Talon, who told me what I was hearing before I told him. He knows what these things sound like before they break-in. If you read the previous thread (the one that is up to about 75 messages now), you will read how I addressed this problem by acquring knowledge rather than making a snap judgement based on what I heard for 15 minutes in a dealer showroom. My only comment to Talon about this is that I think they should break these things in at the factory to some extent so people will hear at least some of what this speaker can do right out of the box. Many new owners, like myself, are immediately going to be disaffected by what they hear after setting them up, and some aren't going to wait around for that 400 hours before they post the speakers on sites like this. There are and will always be people who will claim their PSB Alphas sound better than Watt Puppy 6s, or that they know everything because they have been doing "this" so long. There will always be people who listen to speakers in a showroom and think that they have actually heard that speaker, with no regard for lousy room acoustics or improper set-up by the dealer. There will always be people who think that all reviewers have their pockets lined with cash everytime they give a positive review, without considering that giving a positive review to a poor product destroys their credibility which they need to remain employed. There will always be people who are in denial about great products because they are too expensive for them to buy or unavailable to them for whatever reason. There will always be people who take third hand information and run with it like they know what they're talking about. If you are seriously considering this speaker, then talk to owners, read the reviews, and take a lot of the crap from these discussions with a grain of salt. People who are noted audiophiles are buying these things and swearing by them. Jeff Rowland has them. Ezra (Audioezra), who has owned about everything out there, has them. Scott at Electraglide bought them. Are these guys nuts? Could it be that people who have never heard the Talons or have little or no experience with them know better? I think not! Use your head AND your ears.
Fred, I really appreciate your honesty in clearing things up about Clement. Most people would not have the integrity to do this. I understand your opinions regarding our loudspeakers, I did not believe that a 10" 2-way could work either, 2 years ago. This led to quitting a great job and pursuing the manufactuing of this technology. It amazes me to this day that we have not seen anything close to the repeatability of our design. Each individual needs to listen for themselves. It may strike you during your first audition, or it may take several others, or you may choose current technology. The technology is based at delivering mass and speed in time to create a more defineable and repeatable medium. This also lowers inter-modulation distortion and eliminates compression. Different designs can be made using this technology to create a different sound to suit listeners tastes, but you will have a more consistent loudspeaker that can jump from music to movies to sound reinfrocement, etc. I hope this helps you understand what we are doing and I do appreciate your skepticism towards the comments that have been made. Have a listen. Happy Listening as always, Mike