Personal amp evolution

Seeing the over night success of the speaker evolution thread, it may be interesting to see what type of amp(s) we have all run. Same deal as the other thread-we will sort of create a puzzle of our systems you'll have to visit multiple threads to put everything together!!! ;)
For me I started:
Adcom GFA-565 monoblocks
Rotel RB-990bx
Jeff Rowland Design Group Model 5
Balanced Audio Technology(BAT) VK-60

either a CAT JL2, BAT VK-75se or Tenor 75Wp on the horizon.
Rowland Model 5B
Krell KSA300S running Apogee Studio Grands
Sierra Denali
PBN Audio Olympia HRX mono-blocks
Burmester 956 Mk II
Burmester 911 Mk III - done for a long time...unless I add a second 911 and run as mono-blocks
Well, my Burgess built RL12T15 monblocks (Loftin-White circuit) driven by Burgess 76 preamp...The amps are killer, with O'Netics transformers. These things have finesse and slam.
Concord 880 (4-channel, sound-on-sound reel-to-reel, 22Watt tube amp)
Lafayette (Pioneer) integrated amp 35 watt?/Bose 501/Pioneer PL-10 'table
Pioneer SX-838 (still have), Dual 1228 w/Stanton 681-EEE /Infinity RS-6
Haffler H-1 preamp/Luxman MB-3045 monoblock
McIntosh MA6600/Klipsch Cornwall/VPI Scoutmaster w/Grado Sonata
Nikko Beta II, Apt Holman, ARC LS2, Anthem Statement D2, LFD LE IV, Pass Labs XP-10

Mitsubishi DA-A10, Acoustat TNT 120, ARC 100.2, Anthem Statement A5, LFD LE IV, Ayre V-5xe

Original Advent Small, Genesis, Magnepan MG1, MG2b, MG2c, MG2.5R, ProAc Response 2.5, Harbeth C7-ES3
Hmm - really interesting question reflects lifestyle evolution:
Late 70s-early 80s:
Beomaster 4000 receiver
Braun LV1020s

PS Audio 200w
Adcom/NAD (various)
1988 cj MV75 bridged
1992 Krell KSA250
1995 Classe 100
1998 Krell KST100
2012 VAC Renaissance 30/30

Given that I'm pushing 60 and that my life is very stable AND that I was really happy with the KST100 for 14 years - I think the VAC may be with me for a long time.