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Sabrina X Amp Suggestions
Like many of you, I find the SabrinaX great even for smallish rooms. I’ve heard these at home with a D’Agostino Progression Integrated, Pass Labs XP-10/XP-22/Ayre V-5xe, and Pass Labs XP-22/X250.8. Any of those combinations have plenty of drive an... 
Attn: Ayre v-5xe owners
10 year update. The XP-10 and V-5xe are the sweet part of our audio rig. Just added WA SabrinaX and delighted to report the amp can handle these speakers with controlled bottom end, sweet mids and high freq. holographic. Amazing.   
Thinking of putting to rest ESL63 for Harbeth M30.
I went from ProAc Response 2.5 to Harbeth C7-ES3...muy simpatico.... But keep the Quads... 
Thinking of putting to rest ESL63 for Harbeth M30.
I went from ProAc Response 2.5 to Harbeth C7-ES3. But keep the Quads... 
Your favorite musical non fatiguing speakers?
What was your first 'hi-end' system?
Apt Holman Pre, Acoustat TNT-120, larger Maggies.....heaven in the 80's. 70's was not bad with Nikko Pre, Mistubishi Power, and small Maggies. 
Counterpoint, Modwright, Aesthetix sound?
AGreed with JaFox above 
Plinius Service/Repair
Scott Haver is a Plinius dealer at Aris Audio in Utah. He's a good resource for these sorts of things. 
Father's Day For An Audiophile
Have been quite fortunate and share here not to say this is better than others, but that I'm so thankful for my family. This year our daughter gave me tickets to a Peter White/Rick Braun/Euge Groove concert at the One World Theater here Austin, TX... 
Which Pre-Amp Pass Labs or Audio Research
Well, most recently I tried used AR LS17SE and Pass XP-10 at home for extended listening. From a system matching standpont, the XP-10 was better to these old ears, but your mileage may vary. Have owned several AR pieces (SS and Tube) and they make... 
Seeking alternatives to Oppo
I also tried an Oppo 105. I decided to remain with my Arcam BDP-100. To these older ears, the Wolfson DACs just sound more musical to me. I also have an outboard Benchmark DAC2 (for Hi Rez decoding/Apple TV/Grado's), but again the Wolfson's sound ... 
Attn: Ayre v-5xe owners
With significant listening time now.....I have no reservations recommending the Ayre V-5xe as part of a rig in the $10-15K retail range. IMHO, it offers sufficient low end weight, transparency, balance and control. Further, system matching must al... 
Any Jazz Performances on Blu Ray?
Breaking subject here, but this well recorded performance, played on a good deck nets great video and audio: Don Grusin "The Hang" 
Don Grusin - The Hang
Both the video DVD and CD are very good.....well recorded in general and DVD steps it up another notch on a good playback system. As of Dec 2012, DVD is available, but rare. 
Recommendations for Amp/speaker combo for $10,000
Agree with RW above, speakers and room match are critical early steps as is overall system matching.Harbeths are balanced and revealing on jazz and classical and positioning is important.If pre owned: Pass Labs XP-10, Ayre V-5xe, Harbeth C7-ES3If ...