Phase Tech P-1G vs ZYX Omega Mc carts

1)I can get either one at the same price,
2)Phono/SUT/TT will not be a major problem. (pls see my profile)

Questions are:
1)Which one(only one) will you choose?

All opinions are welcome...
Thanks in advance.
I guess, this will be not easy, Omega is very new and Phase Tech very rare. The Zyx UNIverse made the line famous, really good cartridge, but who knows, what will go on (in reality, not from rebranding and raising prices). But you will find a good deal anyway, when you don't buy it in USA. ZYX omega retails in japan for 400,000 yen (about $4,500?), and you can probably get some discount in japan too.. probably even cheaper in HK (the Phase Tech cartridge is about is about $3,500 new)?.
Yes, Syntax, it's not an easy task...IMHO,
1) Aesthetically, Phase Tech P-1G is prettier vs ZYX Omega is a bit weird with a ball...To me, P-1G is one of the most prettiest MC carts. I need some more time to get used to a "ball".

2) Comparing companies, ZYX is an MC cart specialist having more experience in making various carts from entry level to top-notch designs vs Phase Tech is relatively green in making top-notch MC carts(Only P-1G is regarded as real high end carts). In this area, ZYX gives me more confidence.

3) Both P-1G and Omega belong to low output and low internal impedance design. Both should be used with my existing SUTs and tubed phono amp with no major sonic problems.

I have heard Phase Tech P-1G already. Before auditioning ZYX Omega, I have briefly heard a ZYX 4-D in another system, which was really good. Now I am planning to hear Omega in the near future and report my opinion and, if possible, draw my conclusion later.

Best regards