Phillps SACD/CD transport gremlins hurting makers

Manufacturers of high-end SACD/CD players are struggling with this transport mechanism. My Audio Aero unit has now failed with its second transport and a third is on route. Other companines affected are DCS and EMMLABS.

This drive is very noisy at times.

Can anyone shed some light on this? AA says they think its sorted now but are not providing any explanations.
Hi Cics,

I guess you are referring to this thread on Audio Asylum.

I hope this explanation holds up as it would solve the proplem I was having. I just want to comment that service at EMM is excellent and sound wise IMO it's the best out there that I have heard.

Hello Tom,

I hadn't seen that thread before but was very interesting. Unfortunately, the alignment procedure (power off with a hybrid cd inside then power on) doesn't work for my unit - its stalls with 'Reading' in the display.