Phono cables with angled DIN for SME IV and V arms

I've been trying different phono cables with my SME V arm. The first one I had tried was the Cardas Golden Reference and it didn't have any issue. But the recent two cables that I've been trying all have the DIN connectors oriented the wrong way. Have others experience this as well?

The first one was the Graham IC-70. And I just received the Furutech AG-12. Basically on the angled DIN, there is a group of 5 receptacles arranged in a circle, then there's a big white gap. If you are looking directly at the face of the DIN connector on the cable, the white gap need to be on the right hand side to mate with the SME connector. But both the Graham IC-70 and the Furutech have the white gap on the left-hand side.

The fix is easy, just need to ratate the "faceplate" on the DIN connector 180 degrees.

For the Graham IC-70, I ended up having to send the cable back to Bob Graham as there was a minor modification needed on the connector itself. A screw on the side needed to be modified. And I have just fired off several e-mails to Furutech to see if they can do the same.

I am just wondering if others are having the same issue. Or maybe SME had changed the orientation of the pins with later models of these arms. Mine is about 8 years old.

Hi Gundam91,

Yes, SME is backwards. When I wanted an aftermarket cable for my IV I ordered a connector from SME, and my local dealer sent it to Harmonic Technology who made a cable with it as a special order.

Hi I agree with Bill above. And as you say, it's usually a easy fix. Arm cables can really improve the sound of SME arms, good luck expirmenting! I tried several along the way, Cardas, Graham, Hovland, ended up like the Purist arm cables the best.

I recently swithed to a Tri Planar arm, but had it specially wired with DIN...
Jfrech - could you please describe the specially wired DIN setup on your Tri Planar? TIA
Hi, I ordered it from Tri via my Austin dealer. If you're familiar with the Tri planar with RCA term block? Pic on Triplanar website...Mine just has a din plug instead.
Allied observation.Ihave sme angled din connector.This cannot be used satisfactorily with Acoustic Solid One arm pod because the angled din plug fouls the inside of the arm pod.This with Graham Phantom i but presumably with all Solid range.These need a straight connector so the din does not foul and the wire hangs vertically down the centre of the arm pod cylinder.Otherwise contact thru din for extra vibrations.Also vta adjustment on the Graham is compromised by friction inside arm pod cylinder.
With my SME-V a straight DIN connector worked best. You can swivel the base to point in most directions and with a little fiddling the connector slid right in.