Phono Preamp Picking Up Radio Signals

Hello Everyone:

I recently moved into a new house, and was anxious to set up my system again.

AAD 2001 monitor and matching stands
Classe CA-151
Classe CP-35
Bellari VP130 phono preamp
Pro-Ject Xpression III TT

The system ran dead quite in my old house; however, now there is a very audible static and radio stations being picked up by the phono preamp. I am certain it is the phono preamp that is the issue. I can move it around and reduce the interference somewhat, but it is easily audible when nothing is playing and distracting during quiet parts of certain albums. I triple checked the ground to make sure it was attached.

Any thoughts. I really don't need to hear AC/DC in the background of my Fleetwood Mac!

Best regards,

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I saw this on there web site, its not much.

I had the same problem with my ASR, but a jumper setting was all that was required.
Here is one of a number of prior threads that have addressed this kind of problem, in which several approaches are suggested that you may want to try in addition to those suggested above.

In that case, as you will see, the problem was ultimately resolved by connecting a braided ground strap between the chassis of the preamp and power amp and ground on the power conditioner the person was using. That may not be applicable in your situation, but experimenting with a ground strap connected between component chassis and/or ac safety ground (e.g., a screw on a wall outlet or power strip) could conceivably do the trick. It would provide connections that have very low impedance at rf frequencies (ordinary wire does not have low impedance at rf frequencies), hence making the different ground points in the system more "common" at those frequencies.

-- Al