phonocable for dynavector xv-1s

I want advice, best cable for dynavector drt xv-1s,
what cable you find better result?
I use dynavector xv-1s with dynavector dv-505 and pnono aqvox 2ci mkII
Many thanks and greetings
Currently I am using a Dynavector XV-1, Graham Phantom , ASR Exclusive phono and XLO Signature 2 phono cable.

Throughout the past few months I have compared only a few phono cables with my new table.

Graham 70 series that was purchased with my arm, Nordost Tyr including Hovland Groove 2 and XLO Signature.
All are exceptional cables.

I settled on the XLO Signature for it's neutrality across the board.

There is a Signature 3 phono, however it is the exact cable as the Sig. 2.

I'm sure JMO and Cincy Bob's suggestion to try the Synergistic Tricon would be a cable you should also look into to.

Borrow and try what you can, it is system dependent.
I just got my Din-XLR Furutech Ag-12 today. I use an Aqvox 2CII as well but a Dynavector XX-2 MkII not an XV-1S. So it's similar but not exact. I have a Cardas Golden Cross for reference. So far the AG-12 is quieter and has a bit more resolution. The Cardas is sweeter and more relaxed.
Haven't compared it to much but I'm loving my Stealth Hyperphono with my XV1s on my Phantom arm. Detailed without being harsh, full hamonics, quiet backgrounds, relaxed natural sound. It's the complete package and highly recommended.

i have a new dynavector xv1s on my vpi superscoutmaster reference and it is the greatest thing i've heard in analog so far and i'm using audioquest cheetahs. very natural sounding. i have rca terminations on these. if you are limited to a right angle din, the close equivalent is the audioquest leopard tonearm cable which is a cheaper, better value cable that gives same kind of sound.