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Do I need a record cleaning machine
You don't need it but it is good to have one. 
What makes for a "great" turntable?
There was a interview with A.J. Conti from Basis Audio in TAS I think.He says it all. 
The best phono stage out there?
I guess, there is no "best" out there. One prefers Transistor, the other one a Tube amplification. For each Design there are good and average Designs available. I guess endless average ones in general.There is no other stage in the whole System wh... 
Can we go back to 33's please?
The 45 have more space for the grooves and in Theory more Dynamic (depends on the Mastering).But lost information (high frequency, Color) from old Originals (LSC etc.) can't be brought back.I did a comparison with Walton Facade and the CR-45 Reiss... 
TW-Acustic Raven
Taste is always different, but I did listen to a lot of turntables with worse Performance than the Feickert.This one was a killer combination The Feickert TurntableBuying a Phantom Arm is always a good decision, no matter for which turntable. It c... 
Base for Verdier La Platine
Hi,I bought them from SOS, a very good transaction. In Europe they are very rare, I think, you will need VERY much time to find one there.I have 2 passive ones, they work excellent and are reliable. It is a very simple set up. I think, the last pu... 
Micro Seiki RX-1500,3000,5000,8000 good or bad turntable?
Base for Verdier La Platine
Turntable on a $5k budget?
Raul has some good choices. It is always a personal choice but from those the Basis 2500 is top, the manufacturer is really good or on the other side, when a "Vintage touch" is preferred, the Verdier. With that one you have the option to go for al... 
How many great CDs do you have?
2 from 100 
Tracking ability SPU
Thomas, I did it with the small AS weight. Within the first 1/10th of a second the stylus got kicked out of the groove --> very scary.strange. Please excuse my question, but the needle is clean???When not, no track test will work properly... 
Tracking ability SPU
Did you try it with the small Anti-Skate weight? When not, try it with that one. 
pass aleph vs x series
I listened to quite a lot of the new Pass amps and honestly, they are boring compared to the Aleph 0 (when used with a proper speaker).No life, no breathing, no body, no holographic picture, just normal clean hifi. I can not listen to them longer ... 
Best Albums of 2008 on Vinyl
"Dead Man Walking"Simply unbelievable. TOP Mastering. 
Micro Seiki RX5000
In Germany is one available in 100V,60hz in clean condition for 6k + shippingMicro Seiki / RX 5000/RY 5500