Piano Solo on Inspector Morse "Jericho" episode

Anyone a fan of Inspector Morse, the award winning Brit mystery series? I recently watched one of the early episodes on DVD from Netflix titled "The Dead of Jericho" (Season 1 Episode 1, in fact) in which one of the main themes is Morse's love of music, as well as one of the main characters being an Audiophile turntable designer/manufacturer. I don't mean this to be a thread on Audiophile as depicted in the media, though it fits; I'm actually trying to find out the name of a classical piece that Morse is listening to on his turntable in one of the scenes midway through the episode. I've searched the Internet and could not find any reference to it (it is not credited in the show, nor on IMDB). I was struck by the beauty of the piece (a solo piano...perhaps Chopin?) and wanted to get a copy of it? Can anyone tell me what the piece is, and recommend a good version of it (or better yet, the version in the show was quite good)? As I said, the scene is midway through the episode and Morse is reclining on a couch, I think, when he is interrupted by the doorbell and a mail visitor who requests he turn the music off, I think. Thanks in advance for any help. It's a good series too, if you like Brit mysteries.
I meant to say "male" visitor...he was not interrupted by the postman. Carry on.

Check out The Very Best of Inspector Morse. These 3 CDs contain one piece from each episode (in order after the main theme) of the classical music used in the series.
However, you are probably more likely to find what you are looking for at Barrington Pheloung's web site, the composer of the theme and incidental music for Inspector Morse whose CDs contain both Pheloung's work and music from the series.
I have not seen the series, but from what I have read, it was an excellent show. Thanks for the tip!
Many thanks Jamscience. Yes, it is an excellent series. I had my wife watch the episode in question and she pointed out that my memory of the scene itself was as good as my spelling. The scene I was thinking of was operatic. She did not tell me what the actual scene was, but she confirmed my thoughts - her sense was that it may be Chopin, or perhaps Mendelssohn, and that it was in D flat major. I'll check the Pheloung website you suggested. Thanks!
AHA! Thanks to my wife and mother in-law: The piece is Chopin Fantasie Impromptu, Opus 66.

So now can anyone recommend a good performance/recording of this piece?
TV Buffs check out 'A Touch of Frost' with David Jason another Inspector series which is quite good.