Picture of new Von Schweikert VR4-JR

I was tapping around on the VS site and came across a picture and a blurb about the upcoming VR4-jr.


I can't wait to audition them.

Glad to see the "total sock" speaker cloth is gone, looks like they plan to use conventional cloth panel like other VSA speakers.....although nothing really shown in news release. Also has slimmer width by going with multiple 7" bass drivers which I like.

Also this appears to be only speaker by VSA currently that physically moves tweeter back to time align drivers.
They are also introducing their new "Statement" speaker
the VR-11. Priced at somewhere between $100-165K, over 7 feet tall and weighing in at mere 900lbs they might be a tough fit for my 15x12 room. You know one of these days, I'm going
to have to try that whole "rich" thing and see how that
works out. Sigh!